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Brazilian Research Sector Summary Papers

Students from the Odette School of Business worked in pairs to choose a topic for their research, based on their own interests and career goals.  Topics were agreed upon with students and assigned by Dr. Francine Schlosser.  The research focused on understanding how the sector works in Brazil and how it is similar/different than Canada.  Students also offered implications for Canada's ongoing and future relationship with Brazil.

Click on any topic you are interested in to read the paper!

Healthcare Systems  (by Jack Gesuale & Julia Lacaz Ruiz)

Sustainability Practices  (by Savanna Campbell & Afnan Alhussainawi)

Employment and Human Capital  (by Michael Pullano & Nathan Gibb)

Economic and Business Environment  (by Andrew Kopcok & Matteo Cristofaro)

Entrepreneurship  (by Joshua Varkey)

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